The35th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Chest Surgery ~ The Second Bulletin ~

The latest information of the 35th meeting is now open.

President Ichiro Yoshino, M.D., Ph.D
Departmet of General Thoracic Surgery
Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine

【Date】May 17~18, 2018
【Venue】Makuhari Messe(Chiba, Japan)
【Submission for abstracts】October 3~December 5, 2017
All abstracts will be registered on-line only, and full version of video must be registered if you would like to apply to the Requested Video session. Please verify detailed information at the web site(
【Theme】 “Aiming for practice of general thoracic surgery based on both ART and EVIDENCE”
【Program (planned)】

1 Business report
   Scientific Committee
   Jouernal “General Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery”
   National Clinical Database
   Japanese Joint Committee of Lung Cancer Registry

2 JACS award

3 Joint symposium with international society
   ESTS-JACS Joint session
   ASTS-JACS Joint session

4 Presidential lecture

5 Special Lecture
   “Concept and perspective of the new board certified system in Japan”

6 Educational session
   “Technique of musculo-cutaneous flaps for the thoracic diseases”
   “Introduction and progression of clinical study”

7 International session (English abstracts and presentation)
   “VATS, less-invasive surgery, others”

8 Special session
   Consensus and controversy in the field of general thoracic surgery
   Research mind and career development
   Surgical scheme contest

9 Symposium
   Therapeutic strategy against lung cancer with chronic lung diseases
   Development of image-guided surgery

10 Panel discussion
   Issues in the long-term outcome following pulmonary segmentectomy for peripheral small lung cancer Is the role of surgery in the management of stage IV non-small cell lung cancer expanding?
   The status quo and issue in lung transplantation in Japan

11 Requested oral presentation
   Postoperative complication
   New TNM classification in lung cancer
   Post thoracotomy pain syndrome
   Recurrent pneumothorax
   Novel technique/device
   Management of airway diseases
   Basic research in thoracic malignancies
   Basic research in benign diseases and transplantation
   Myasthenia gravis
   Highly technical VATS
   Preoperative diagnosis of nodal factor
   Multimodal strategy for N2 NSCLC
   Less-invasive procedure
   Thymic epithelial tumors
   Training of general thoracic surgeons
   Surgery for elderly patients
   Robotic surgery
   Thrombosis at the stump of pulmonary veins

12 Requested video presentation
   Salvage surgery
   Surgery of the trachea and carina
   Surgery of the cervico-thoracic border
   Surgery for malignancies invading thoracic aorta (including endovascular stent)
   Management of pyothorax with fistula

13 Oral presentation(O)
14 Video presentation (V)
15 Poster presentation(P)

   Management of infection(May 16, 2017: afternoon)
   Medical safety(May 17, 2017: after scientific programs)
   Clinical and research ethics(May 18, 2017: after closing ceremony)
【JACS Educational seminar】(May 19, 2017)